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For a Niles Dentist, There’s No Place Like Home

You can get the best dental treatment in your hometown of Niles

”Dental Tourism” outside Niles is more than just a longer trip to the dentist Travelling may be fun, but combining …

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Do You Suffer From Chronic Bad Breath?

Don’t let Bad Breath ruin your Holidays! Bad breath can be a real Turkey … From close conversations with family …

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Were You or a Loved One Ever A Smoker?

You may have never smoked or are an ex smoker – even for many years. In any case it is …

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This Halloween Give Your Teeth A Treat!

It is no secret that Halloween can be a very dangerous time for your oral health. Candy of all kinds …

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Are You on the Road to a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth?

Many of us maintain our health in a variety of ways. We visit our doctor for an annual physical. We …

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Good Dental Advice

Dentures and other forms of dental implants have been developed over the years to look just as good, if not …

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Good Breath = Good Love

Intimacy, passion, and love begin with close interpersonal communication.  In moments like this, you don’t want to be self-conscious about …

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Healthy Detox Recipe for the New Year

A popular term this time of year as we revise our New Year’s Resolutions is to pursue eating the types …

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Best Home Remedies for Dental Pain

No one likes to have dental aches, pains, and problems.  For those moments where you cannot make it to see …

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Add Years To Your Life In Just 90 Seconds

Recently, Dr. Dorothy Anasinski was interviewed about how patients can benefit themselves through proper dental hygiene practices.  Here is an …

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